Our Memory Care Community Provides Superior Care

Our assisted living community offers superior memory care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related concerns.

Our Oakwood and Rosewood cottages each have unique areas which are dedicated to encouraging independence, reminiscing and sensory stimulation. These rooms offer residents a variety of activities to enjoy independently or with a friend.

Oakwood’s “Life Skills Room” welcomes residents in where they may choose to arrange flowers at the garden table, putter around at the workbench, sew with lacing cards or wind up yarn, try on hats at the vanity or just relax and delight in looking through a “Reminisce” magazine with a warm cup of tea.

Rosewood’s “Reminisce-Sensory Room” provides a familiar, comforting environment with items and room décor mimicking the “good ol’ days” of their past. This special space helps to trigger positive memories while stimulating the senses and easing anxiety that is often associated with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related concerns.

When our residents enter these rooms, it is our hope they are transported back in time, to a place they remember fondly, where they can touch/feel, see and hear moments of joy. It is our sincere desire for these rooms to support them on their journey through dementia – wherever that may be each day.

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