Luxury Salon ServicesIn-House Cosmetologist

We try our hardest to make Elder Care Cottages feel like home. Our in-house cosmetologist has been bringing our residents smiles and laughs every week. Her services are done right in our facility, with appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Contact us today to set up appointments and arrange for payments. 

Salon Services Cost

  • Shampoo & Set$16.00
  • Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style$16.00
  • Haircut & Shampoo$16.00
  • Shampoo Only$5.00
  • Permanent Wave$60.00
    • *Includes Haircut & Style*
  • Hair Color$50.00
    • *Includes Shampoo & Set*
  • Weekly Color Rinse$2.00
  • Reshaping$4.00+
    • (Bangs, Nape, etc.)
    • *Price variance based on time spent*