Assisted Living & Memory Care Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of questions we get asked the most. If you have a question we couldn't answer, please contact us today.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living provides a comfortable, non-medical environment where residents (65+) are encouraged and supported in continuing to live an independent lifestyle among a community of friends. Assistance with medication administration, daily care, meals, laundry and housekeeping is provided where needed.

At Elder Care Cottages, we provide a secure environment that residents are able to call home. Residents maintain their independence and are able to choose how they spend their time throughout the day. We offer a variety of clubs and group activities as well as plenty of time and space for independent projects if desired.

What is the difference between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?

Assisted living facilities provide personal care in a more home-like and independent setting while nursing homes provide medical and personal care in a more clinical setting.

Nursing homes provide care for those who are sick and in need of constant skilled nursing care. Some people are in nursing homes temporarily, while others are there permanently due to the frequency and higher level of needed care. This could range from the need for IV therapy and tube feedings to the management of more challenging behaviors that cannot be provided in an assisted living environment.

Is Elder Care Cottages a CBRF?

Yes, Elder Care Cottages is classified as a Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF): A place where 5 or more unrelated people live together in a community setting. Services provided include room and board, supervision, support services, and may include up to 3 hours of nursing care per week.

Do you accept Medicaid/Family Care?

Yes - Elder Care Cottages accepts Family Care upon admission. If you are already enrolled in the program, we are able to proceed with your admission with no waiting period.

If you were admitted to Elder Care Cottages paying privately and need to switch to Family Care, please start the process with the ADRC when you have at least 3-4 months of private pay funding left. You will need to contact the ADRC to apply for Medicaid. Upon qualifying, you will be directed to select a Managed Care Organization (MCO). Elder Care Cottages has a contract with Community Care for an MCO.

Do you provide on-site medical services?

For your convenience, we offer the opportunity to sign up with Bluestone Physician Services. This enables residents to be seen once a month at Elder Care Cottages and not have to wait for an office appointment or travel to a doctor’s office to be seen. Our RN, as well as POAs, have access to their medical records and the doctor through the BRIDGE online communication system.

Elder Care Cottages is able to provide on-site lab draws, mobile imaging, and podiatry services which are communicated to your physician as well.

Can I keep my doctor?

Yes - We have the ability to work with your doctor and communicate your healthcare needs if you would like to remain with an external doctor. However, family will be responsible for setting up and getting the resident to and from appointments outside of the building.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Elder Care Cottages is a smoke-free campus.

What types of security and safety measures does Elder Care Cottages provide?

We provide a secure, but not locked, environment. Our doors are alarmed with an egress system to deter exiting for those who wander.

“Not locked” means that the system will open in compliance with fire codes after a period of time. This is why we carefully assess each of our residents for wandering tendencies to ensure their safety within our limits. Some residents may not be appropriate due to their persistence in exiting our safe environment.

What training does your staff receive?

All staff at Elder Care Cottages receive:

  • Resident-specific training for caregivers per DHS requirements
  • Additional 15 hours yearly of Continuing Education meeting DHS requirements
  • Dementia-specific training upon hire and throughout the year


  • Standard Precautions
  • First Aid & Choking
  • Fire Safety
  • Medication Administration - after class and check off

Are staff onsite 24/7?

Yes, Elder Care Cottages is staffed 24/7.

Do you have nurses on staff?

Elder Care Cottages has an RN in the building Monday through Friday and is on call 24/7.

Do you provide bedrooms or apartments?

Each of our four cottages is set up like a large ranch home with 12 bedrooms, each with a bathroom. Residents are encouraged to use their bedrooms to sleep in or spend quiet time if needed. Each cottage also has a living/gathering room, side visiting room, patio to socialize with others in their cottage, as well as a kitchen and dining area where residents and staff eat as a family.