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Elderly Activities and Exercise Programs in Waterford, Wisconsin

Studies have shown senior exercise provides many health benefits including increased walking endurance, improved sleep health, and improved cardiac functioning as well as improved cognitive capabilities. We perform upper and lower body strength and flexibility activities, using resistance bands to build muscle strength to help prevent injury and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

At our assisted living facility we provide daily exercise opportunities through strength training, walking, and group games like bowling and ring toss. The residents are encouraged to walk daily in the circular design of the cottages and to join the Elder Care Cottages Walking Club where they keep track of their laps for the day.

Waterford Outdoor Senior Activities

Elder Care Cottages Crafts Activities

Our assisted living cottages are located in Waterford, Wisconsin. The beautiful outdoor area of the Cottages encourages the residents to enjoy Wisconsin’s spring and summer weather. With nine acres surrounded by woods, our facility provides the perfect place to enjoy the changing seasons.

On a spring or summer day, you are bound to find a few residents and caregivers walking outside, or in the shade on the back patio. They can simply enjoy the fresh air or they can help to maintain our many flower and vegetable gardens.

Beautiful landscaping, including a fountain pond and charming bird feeders, provide a quiet and reflective retreat for residents to enjoy the area’s native wildlife. We have visits from birds, turkeys, geese, and even deer.

Waterford Christian Assisted Living Provides Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual well-being is as important as a person’s physical well-being. As a Christian assisted living community, we believe everyone is entitled to live and work in an environment which fosters companionship, growth, and a sense of belonging. Local churches visit our cottages to lead Bible studies and offer worship services.

Elderly Arts and Crafts in Caring Waterford Community Based Residential Facility

The Elder Care Cottages incorporates the opportunity to do crafts as part of our assisted living activities calendar. There are seasonal crafts as well as craft projects which they can use as gifts for family members. These are highly anticipated activities which are enjoyed by many. Some of our senior caregivers love to share their passion for crafting with the assisted living facility residents by planning special projects for them.

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