Wisconsin Assisted Living Luxury Bath and Spa

Bath and Spa Time Improves the Heath of Waterford Seniors

At Elder Care Cottages assisted living facility, many of our residents enjoy the health benefits of our luxury baths and personal spa options. Whirlpool tubs and barrier-free showers do wonders for poor circulation caused by the aging process, provide a natural energy boost in seniors battling with chronic fatigue, and are a rejuvenating experience enhancing the quality of one’s golden years.

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Salon and Spa Services for Wisconsin Assisted Living Residents

In addition to our relaxing bath and spa options, we also offer our valued seniors personal salon and beauty options. We employ a full-time beautician who specializes in hair styling and skin treatments, and she ensures that Elder Care residents constantly look and feel their best!

Our luxury bath, spa, and salon facilities are the best in the region, and we pamper all of our seniors with the best assisted-living health and beauty routines in the state of Wisconsin!

Senior Bath Spa Assisted Living

* salon services are provided at a nominal extra fee

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