Waterford Memory Care Services for Our Elders

Creating Moments of Joy in Waterford

Unfortunately, dementia takes away the roles and responsibilities which make us who we are. Activities can make a significant difference in the health and well-being of those with dementia…..this is why our days are designed using our specialized program called, The “Just Right” Day.

In order for our residents to experience a “Just Right” day every day, we provide a structured, yet flexible routine which consists of four key components:  Activities which are Productive, provide Enjoyment, encourage Wellness, and are Restorative to the soul.

Here’s how we do it...

Designing the “Just Right” Day

  • Daily routines are important to those affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  They are the foundation in the design of the day.
  • Creating a flow: imagine the flow of a wave-it starts slow, builds up to a peak and then comes back down as it approaches the shore.  We create a similar balance by offering a variety of activities throughout the day which consist of the four key components.
  • Individualized Programming allows us to cater to the resident’s strengths, current abilities, and past interests so their days are meaningful and filled with a sense of pride.

Our Waterford Community Based Residential Facility Encourages Senior Exercise

Waterford Memory Care Elder Facility

Daily dementia exercises are encouraged to strengthen body and mind. Walking, strength training and group games like bowling and ring toss are offered every day. Exercise provides a plethora of many health benefits including increased walking endurance, improved sleep health, and improved cardiac functioning as well as improved cognitive function. The senior caregivers at our memory care center assist residents to utilize resistance band to build muscle strength to prevent injury and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

Discover the Benefits of Outdoor Senior Activities in Wisconsin

Outdoor Activities Assisted Living FacilityOur lively memory care community is located in Waterford, Wisconsin. The beautiful outdoor surroundings are enjoyed during the warm spring and summer months from a safe enclosed partially covered patio area. The gorgeous outdoor scenery encourages our Elders to explore the grounds with our caregivers and enjoy the fresh air. Residents can also help maintain our flower and vegetable gardens.

Wisconsin Christian Assisted Living Community

Elder Care Cottages of Wisconsin is a Christian assisted living community. We believe everyone is entitled to live and work in an environment which fosters companionship, growth and a sense of belonging. Spiritual well-being is as essential to life as a healthy diet and physical activity.

Memory Care Assisted Living Arts and Crafts

Our calendar incorporates the opportunity to do crafts as part of our memory care activities for seniors. Arts and crafts activities at Elder Care Cottages of Wisconsin are highly anticipated and are enjoyed by many. Many of our senior caregivers love to share their passion for crafting with the assisted living facility by planning special projects.

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