Waterford Memory Care Assisted Living Dining Services

Our Memory Care Residents Enjoy Three Healthy Meals Daily

waterford assisted living food service manager

Karen Trakas, Food Service Manager

Dining at our memory care assisted living center is a culinary and social experience to be savored. Families are often concerned seniors are not getting proper nutrition at home because, with age, shopping and cooking become difficult. Our memory care services include serving three homemade meals daily along with healthy snack options throughout the day. The advantages of a healthy diet range from a boosted immune system and increased mental capabilities to higher energy and better management of chronic health problems.

Memory Care Dining Plan WisconsinOur three meals are served family style, with senior caregivers and residents gathered around a large dining room table. One-on-one conversations and group chats are encouraged as we all dine together. Breakfast begins when our Elders wake up and are ready to eat. The main meal is served at noon with homemade selections such as roast pork with fresh thyme gravy, freshly prepared sweet and sour chicken and Karen’s signature meatloaf cupcakes. Supper is a lighter meal for our residents, comprised of small entrees, sandwiches, wraps and delicious homemade soups. Gathering together with neighbors and friends is an important part of daily life for our Elders.

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