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Wisconsin Memory Care Provides Supportive Care and Skilled Nursing

Waterford Assisted Living Nursing StaffOur senior caregivers are the heart of Elder Care Cottages of Wisconsin. These amazing people provide the senior care services needed such as supportive care with activities of daily living, laundry, exercise, crafts, serving meals, and so much more.  All caregivers are specially trained in Standard Precautions, First Aid & Choking, Fire Safety, and Medication Management.

Members of our staff complete Dementia Specialist training, which helps them to understand Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia and to understand the role their approach has in helping behaviors of the person with dementia.  This special training also helps them to understand how the social, sensory, and physical environment contributes to resident behaviors.  As a result, our caregivers “enter the resident's world” and validate who the residents are each day---no matter what the time or place.  They respond to each resident with a nurturing and open approach and they use engaging activities in order to give our residents moments of joy and happiness.

Skilled Nursing

Elder Care Cottages Nursing Staff

The caregiver staff is overseen by our Registered Nurse. Common infections in the elderly such as urinary tract or respiratory infections are addressed early, treatment can be started promptly, and serious health crises are often avoided. There is a weekly vitals check to help monitor health conditions.

Supportive Care

Memory Care Staff in Wisconsin

The cottages are equipped with fire alarms and sprinkler systems and there is a delayed egress system. Visitors are asked to ring the doorbell at the front door so it can be answered just as you would at home. The cottages are handicap accessible with extra-large hallways and barrier-free entryways.

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