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Senior Care and Memory Care near Wind Lake, WI

Here at Elder Care Cottages, we make your loved one feel at home as much as possible. Other assisted living facilities feel like a hotel, with restaurant-style dining, hard-to-navigate buildings, and loads of unrealistic programs tailored toward a more capable demographic.

Elder Care Cottages is Assisted Living that Feels Like Home

Family-Style Dining

Wind Lake Assisted Living Facility

Residents from Wind Lake help complete nearly every step of the meal process. You may be thinking that statement is hyperbole, but it's not. Residents help throughout the dining experience, keeping costs down and independence up.

  • Growing and picking our own vegetables in our garden
  • Washing and preparing meal ingredients
  • Open-concept kitchen/dining/living room gets everyone involved
  • Eating together with the caregivers at the same table

Personable Nurses & Caregivers

Assisted Living Facility Wind Lake

It's hard to know who you can trust to look over your loved ones when you aren't available. We do everything possible during the initial consultation and tour to help you realize we are trustworthy.

Our employees undergo a background check, certification checks, and personality checks to make certain they are a perfect fit for the Elder Care Cottages family and residents near Wind Lake.

We care, both for and about, you and your family.

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Floor Plan makes Everything Fully Accessible

Wind Lake Assisted Living Floor Plan

Our cottages are single-level to make everything more accessible for residents, and to make them feel as independent as possible.

Gardens are accessible out back for when residents feel like helping cultivate their meals. Community rooms are located in the center of all the action so nobody has to walk forever just to feel like part of our community.

Inclusivity is our goal here at the Cottages. Check out our floor plans, and have your loved one add their special brand of personality to our community.

Lifestyle & Activities Encourage Independence

Assisted Living Activities for Elders

Your loved one doesn't have the strength and flexibility they used to have. It's a natural part of the aging process to lose those attributes. Those things only become a problem when the community you surround yourself with cannot accommodate for your newly developing needs.

Elder Care Cottages accommodates for all our residents' individual needs with personalized care and community activities. Independence doesn't mean doing everything you used to do. It means doing everything you can do for yourself when you're able to accomplish the task. Residents are encouraged to do what they can by themselves, but our nurses and caregivers are available 24/7/365 to help if the need is there.

Driving Directions to Elder Care Cottages of WI from Wind Lake, WI

4.1 miles, 7 minutes 
Head west on S. Loomis Rd. towards Racine Ave. 79 ft.
First right onto Racine Ave. 0.9 miles
Third left onto Denoon Rd. 1.9 miles
Left on Big Bend Rd. 1.3 miles

Elder Care Cottages is on your left. 

*Directions provided by Google Maps

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