Assisted Living Near Greendale, WI

The Senior Assisted Living Communities Greendale, WI and Surrounding Areas Count on for Outstanding Care of Their Loved Ones

Elder Care Cottages is just a short 24-minute drive from Greendale, WI, making it ultra-convenient for friends and family to visit. We have the best assisted living in Greendale, WI. The assisted living housing we provide is designed in an open concept layout for convenience, safety, and beauty. Residents enjoy 360-degree views of our picturesque pond and scenic woodlands. Skilled nurses and caretakers are available 24/7 and each room includes a call system, ensuring residents feel comfortable and safe, day and night.

Elder Care Near Greendale WI


Elder Care Cottages offers a wide variety of amenities not found in other Greendale, WI nursing homes.

  • Each of our assisted living homes includes an on-site salon and whirlpool spa to help residents relax and feel good about the way they look.
  • Each resident has the luxury of a private bedroom with a full bathroom and walk-in shower
  • We cook homemade meals three times a day, plus provide snacks. 
  • Cottages include a large open concept kitchen and dining area, where residents enjoy family-style meals. 
  • Cottages also include a library, a den, and a living room complete with a fireplace.  
  • Cottages include a centrally-located touch screen computer for residents to use.
  • Each cottage includes flower and vegetable gardens which are planned and maintained by residents, staff, and visitors.


The environment at Elder Care Cottages is vastly different than Greendale, WI nursing homes. We pride ourselves on creating a positive environment which fosters family togetherness, healthy lifestyle choices, and FUN!

Assisted Living Greendale WI Area

Below, are just a few more ways Elder Care Cottages is different than other nursing homes in Greendale, WI:

  • Each cottage is staffed by the same skilled nurse and caregivers, so residents feel comfortable talking to our staff about their needs, as well as when they need a little extra help.
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in our daily mental and physical exercises which may include trivia, crossword puzzles, outdoor walks, seated yoga, even dancing!
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to help plan and participate in scheduled outings, which often include going to church, the zoo or mini golfing.
  • Residents are consulted on what activities they would like to do based on their personal interests and passions. 
  • Residents regain their sense of purpose and pride by helping with cooking/baking, setting the table, folding laundry and helping with the gardens. 


There’s never a dull moment at Elder Care Cottages! Our residents and caregivers are constantly coming up with new and different activities to do.

Assisted Living Facility Greendale WI

Some activity favorites include:

  • Bag Toss
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Making Jewelry
  • Mini Bowling
  • Mini Golf
  • Grilling Out

On nice days, we make sure residents spend as much time outside as possible, whether playing bags, gardening, knitting or just enjoying nature’s peace.

On rainy days, residents enjoying playing cards, crafting, using the computer, playing trivia and helping with meal preparation.

The residents at our assisted living homes near Greendale, WI are also big into parties! We’ll find any excuse to throw one! Oftentimes, staff and residents work together for days on end planning and preparing for a big celebration.

Assisted Living Near Greendale WI

A few of our favorite parties include:

  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • The Superbowl 
  • Halloween
  • Birthdays

Residents love planning and preparing festive food, drinks, décor and even outfits!

Safety and Compassionate Care

Our assisted living homes near Greendale, WI provide the ultimate in safety and compassionate care. Hallways and doorways are extra wide to permit wheelchairs and walkers. We also have safety railings throughout each cottage for those who prefer to walk (we encourage residents to walk as much as possible).

Our cottages have 24-hour awake staff, a full-time registered nurse, and a caregiver call system, so residents always feel comfortable and safe.

Being nestled in the country also makes Elder Care Cottages safer and quieter than many nursing homes in Greendale, WI.

Alzheimer's Living Facilities Greendale WI

Memory Care for Greendale, WI Residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Most nursing homes in Greendale, WI and elsewhere in the state do not provide memory care services. This is just another reason Elder Care Cottages stands out above the rest.

We have select cottages which are specifically designed for residents requiring dementia care or Alzheimer’s care. These cottages include Sensory Rooms and Reminisce Rooms, which help with memory-loss induced anxiety and frustration. These rooms also help manage incontinence and improve the resident’s overall mood. Our assisted living homes for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents are staffed with Wisconsin memory care providers who specialize in coordinating activities to stimulate brain activity. Our memory care providers are also trained in identifying and managing anxiety, frustration, and incontinence stemming from memory loss. 

Directions from Greendale, WI:

Distance: 16.2 miles
Travel Time: 24 minutes

Head southwest on Loomis Rd

Continue onto Milwaukee Ave

Turn right onto S Loomis Rd

At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Racine Ave

Turn left onto Denoon Rd

Turn left onto Big Bend Rd


Elder Care Cottages will be on your left.
*Directions provided by Google Maps

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