Waterford Assisted Living Scrapbook


Elder Care Milwaukee Area Facility Shares News, Stories and Advice

Welcome to our Senior Living in Waterford blog. Below, our assisted living Milwaukee caretakers share stories and information about daily life at our beautiful Waterford assisted living center.

From events within our specialized activity program to the funny story of the day, our Milwaukee senior care assisted living staff provides a variety of stories which range from heartwarming to hilarious. We share advice and information regarding Waterford senior care assisted living, while offering you a peek inside our wonderful Waterford assisted living care center. 

Elder Care Cottages and our devoted elder care Milwaukee area staff provide something new when it comes to senior care assisted living. Our Waterford assisted living center provides around the clock, 24 hour care. Our senior care assisted living caregivers also offer Wisconsin memory care assisted living to provide superior dementia and Alzheimer’s care to patients struggling with these difficult conditions.

With a cottage living approach which creates a true sense of family and community, our Milwaukee assisted living community is truly the place for special, personalized senior care.

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