Compassionate & Competent Caregivers

At the heart of our Cottages are our caregivers. These caring and compassionate people provide services such as activities of daily living, laundry, exercise, crafts, serving meals, and so much more. Our caregivers are specially trained in state required CBRF Standard Precautions, First Aid & Choking, Fire Safety, and Medication Management. We maintain a regular and consistent staff of caregivers in each cottage so the residents become comfortable and familiar with those providing their care.

We have a call system available to our residents with call buttons that are worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Caregiver assistance is just a push away. We also work closely with the Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department personnel to provide additional training to our caregivers on how to handle emergency situations.

Matching Caregiver and Residents Resident and Caregiver being silly together  Taking time out of her day to play piano with a resident  Caregiver wears resident's cheerleading outfit

Clinical Staff 24/7

The caregiver staff is overseen by our part-time Registered Nurse and full-time Licensed LPN. They are on-site during the day with an on-call system in place for the caregivers to reach them if necessary after business hours. With clinical staff on-site, common infections in the elderly such as urinary tract or respiratory infections are assessed early, treatment can be started promptly, and serious health crises are often avoided. Our caregivers perform a weekly vitals check which also helps to monitor health conditions.

Each bedroom has a locked medicine cabinet for the residents’ medication which are dispensed by the caregivers who have been certified in medication administration as required by the state.

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