Waterford Assisted Living Center Activities Promote Healthy, Active Lifestyles

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Resident Playing BINGO
Residents Playing BINGO
Resident Playing BINGO
Decorating Snack Cookies
Crafting Delicious Snacks
Elder Care Cookout
Resident Voicing Play Script
Residents Playing Ring Toss Game
Resident Arts & Crafts
Resident UTV Ride
Family Visiting Resident
Popsicle Stick Manger Ornament
Resident Painting
Resident Table Bowling
Resident Gardening
Resident Rose Arrangement
Resident Playing Bag Toss
Resident Crafted Bracelet
Group Craft Time
Resident Group Crafts
Baking and Margaritas
Residents Color Pictures
Resident Group Crafts
Vegetable Garden Time
Resident Gardening
Individual Resident Activities 2
Individual Resident Activities 3
Enjoying Craft Time
Watering the Garden
Group Crafts Time
Good Company, Good Times
Strong, Caring Relationships
Residents Decorating Pots
Resident Exercising
Resident Concert Time
Resident Activity Time
Individual Resident Activities
Resident Gardening
Residents Puzzling Together
Resident Planting Seeds
Resident Painting Birdhouse
Resident Painted Birdhouses Display
Group Parachute Game 2
Focusing on Crafts
Table Bowling Pro
Group BINGO Together
Group Exercising Routine
Table Bowling - No Bumpers
Resident Crafting Paper Fan
Group Exercise
Board Game Fun
Resident Painting Birdhouse
Residents Playing Bag Toss
Resident Painting Birdhouse
Residents Exercising
Group Art Time
Friendly Family Cards
Group Gardening Project
Group Parachute Game
Residents Exercising
Residents Painting
Resident Painting
Resident Playing Bag Toss
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Elder Care Milwaukee Caregivers Provide Engaging and Specialized Activities to Improve Quality of Life

At Elder Care Cottages, our senior care Milwaukee staff has created a specialized activity program which focuses on the unique needs of each individual resident while creating a fun, healthy environment.

Our assisted living Milwaukee caregivers provide a wide range of activities which include bag toss, gardening, crafts, games, exercise, and spiritual living. Our elder care Milwaukee residents enjoy activities which are suited to their needs and add quality to their lives. Our Waterford senior living cottages also offer activities which provide the memory care Wisconsin residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s need.

With activities catered around the abilities and interests of each resident, Elder Care Cottages’ warm and kindhearted senior care Milwaukee staff provide an environment which truly feels like home.

Contact our Waterford assisted living facility today to learn more about our specialized activity program.

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