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Common Room KitchenWe are conveniently located in western Racine County on Hwy. 164 between Waterford and Waukesha, Wisconsin. The Elder Care Cottages of Wisconsin is situated on nine acres in the Town of Waterford and is surrounded by beautifully wooded land. The campus is currently comprised of two buildings, each of which consists of two cottages connected by a common garage.

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Each cottage is home to 12 seniors who enjoy a private bedroom with a full bathroom and walk-in shower. The cottages include a large, open kitchen and dining area for where the senior caregivers and residents enjoy homemade dinners together. There is a cozy fireside living room, a den, and a library to gather with friends and family. A centrally located touch screen computer is available to all residents. The spa includes a walk-in whirlpool tub and an area for a beautician to offer services.

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The cottages are wheelchair accessible with extra-large hallways and barrier free entryways. Each cottage has a partially covered patio with flower and vegetable gardens. The garden club plans and maintains the gardens.

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We're located in beautiful Waterford, just a short drive from Rochester, Tichigan, Burlington, Union Grove, Mukwonago, Muskego, Big Bend, Raymond, Yorkville, East Troy, Franklin, Racine, New Berlin, Milwaukee, and Waukesha in southeast Wisconsin. You can come visit your loved one any time you want with drive times so short. Upon arriving, you'll be pleased to see your loved one enjoying life in our senior community, surrounded by a team of their friends and peers.

It's important to be surrounded by people who are going through the same things as you and who can relate to you. People live better lvies when they're around people they can relate to and care about. That's why you should come visit your loved one as often as possible.

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