Life in Our Waterford Assisted Living Cottages

Compassionate Waterford Assisted Living Community

The Elder Care Cottages has a daily schedule which offers a variety of planned, as well as spontaneous, senior activities from the following categories.

    Opportunities provide a sense of value and meaning such as helping set the table for lunch, tending the garden, or folding towels.
    Elderly exercise programs including strength training, group games like bowling and ring toss and daily walks.
    Senior activities help take care of their bodies and minds. Some examples may include cognitive training with trivia and crossword puzzles, religious programs and exploring technology by learning to use the touch screen computer.
    Community moments--such as enjoying popcorn and a movie, crafts or joining in a sing-a-long--create a sense of belonging, fellowship, and acceptance.

Elder Care Cottages Waterford Wisconsin Assisted Living Daily Resident Activites

Maintaining Independence in a New Home

At the Elder Care Cottages in Waterford, Wisconsin, we strive for more than just bingo. Incorporating individual preference and personal history into the planning of our assisted living services offers balance to the day and meets each resident’s physical and cognitive ability levels.



Movement is important to the maintenance of our bodies. To stay in shape and to just stay able to be as active as possible is at the center of being able to sustain oneself.

Benefits of Increased Activity Include:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Cardiac Function
  • Improved Cognitive Abilities
  • Improved Self-Care

Our caregivers are always trying to keep residents happy and active, encouraging walks and games all the time.


Elder Care Cottages Kitchen Interior Elder Community Living Housing Wisconsin

Mealtime here at Elder Care Cottages is important to us. Eating one of the activities everyone needs to do, and we take full advantage of the idea. We use mealtime as a means of keeping our residents aware and active in a community setting.

The kitchen and dining area in our cottages is open-concept. From any point in the room, you can see any other point. This benefits our wonderful caretakers and our residents alike. An open-concept community room allows us to have a faster response time to any potential falls or other issues. It also allows everyone to communicate freely, encouraging engagement and participation in the meal we're preparing.

Eating as a community has many benefits. We also prepare our meals together. This encourages an awareness of what we put in our bodies and keeps our bodies active. It makes the mind and body work together, which is essential to maintaining happiness and health.

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